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Winchester Design Day 2014


Visit our stand at Winchester Design Day for free initial consultations.

a little about what we do


“This house is really a blank canvas and this is true both of the interior and exterior, …. Actually the building itself is also a work of art: the expanses of plain white wall becoming a canvas for the shadows thrown by the trees. Blank canvas and work of art the house is entirely appropriate for an art lover. The planners described the house as “a distinguished and distinctive addition to the architectural heritage of the area…expressing the best of modern design”. It’s hard to disagree.

Katherine Bateson at BD on private house in Radlett

Just wanted to let you know that we had parents of Year 6 students round tonight – and all I have heard in the new building is “Wow” and the sound of jaws dropping to the floor!

Wish you could have seen it—think you’d have been very pleased.

email from Jen Carter, Bursar at Trafalgar School

This is to record formally the thanks of the Trustees for the hard work that has gone into a speedy repositioning and redesign of the Health Care Centre and for your own part in the meeting on Wednesday with the local authority which seems to point towards an eventual successful outcome.

letter from Fr Paul C Hamill SJ regarding Corpus Christi Care Centre

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